Lost EBT Card

A common problem that is often seen involves the realization that I lost my EBT card. This is a common problem that many people with EBT cards have experienced in the past. An EBT card allows individuals access to money that is distributed from government funded programs. This type of assistance is only designed for individuals that qualify, but once you qualify money is transferred to your EBT card regularly. There are different assistance programs that offer money to individuals in need, but most people are given EBT cards as a means of money transfer. Therefore, if I lost my EBT card I don’t have access to the funds that are dispersed by the government.

How EBT cards Are Used

Cash assistance and food stamps are not dispersed to individuals as actual cash. Instead EBT cards are given money balances that can be used as debit or credit transactions. This requires the use of a pin number to complete the transaction at most establishments. Therefore, if I lost my EBT card someone else will only be able to gain access to the funds on my account if they know the pin number. Therefore, if an unknowing person finds my card they will be unable to access my funds. However, there are additional steps that you must take to ensure that your funds are not stolen and that you gain access to your EBT funds quickly.

Lost and Stolen EBT Card

Once you realize that you have lost your EBT card or that it has been stolen, you must contact customer service. There are available customer service professionals that will be able to talk you through the process step by step. First you will be required to change your pin number. This will ensure that no funds will be taken from your account and that even other people that know your pin will not be able to use your card. However, the new pin number that you choose will become your new number and you won’t need to use your old number any further. You will be sent a new EBT card that will have the amount of funds that were originally dispersed to you. If I lost my EBT card and then found it after I already called for a new one, I would need to discard of my old EBT card. Once you get a new card issued your old EBT card becomes obsolete.

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