What You May Not Know about Food Stamps NY

As you might probably know, food stamps are vouchers given by the government as a means to provide assistance to low income earners in the country. For residents of New York, it is important that you first find out some information about the food stamps NY before you decide to obtain one. You should first find out if you are eligible to receive the food stamps and if you are qualified, then you should know how to apply for food stamps NY. So read on to find out more information about food stamps.

Food Stamp Eligibility

Although food stamps are being offered all over the United States, the eligibility requirement could vary from one state to another. Although most of the requirements are pretty much similar, there are some states that would impose more requirements which are not needed on other states.

To qualify for food stamps NY, you must be able to present to the government how much income you are earning. For families who have at least one disabled or elderly family member, only the net income is needed. The gross income limit is established by the government of New York and is usually adjusted each year.

Benefit Determination

If you are eligible to receive food stamps NY, the amount of the benefits that you will receive will depend on the size of your household as well as your adjusted gross income, right after the following are deducted:

• 20% earned income deduction
• Deduction for excess shelter care expenses
• Deduction for the expenses incurred on dependent care
• Limited deduction for medical expense incurred for elderly or disabled family members
• Standard deduction

Pre-Screening Tools Online

Those who wanted to find out if they qualify for food stamps NY and how much they could receive if ever they are qualified can refer to the pre-screening tools online. The tool was established by the US Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service. It is so easy to use and although the result may not be that accurate, it will somehow give you an idea on how much you could end up receiving if you qualify for the food stamps NY.

There are lots of websites now that you can refer to in order to aid you in applying for food stamps. The websites will also give you advice on how you can apply for food stamps NY and will provide you with the location of the offices where you can submit your application for the food stamps.

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