EBT Card Rules and Regulations

Despite what some news sources may be trying to sell the American public, people know there are fewer jobs, decreased benefits and less money to go around as the economy is being forced to bear with the results of bad investments, a corrupt housing market and truly evil banks raping the United States. Lots of people can barely afford to pay their mortgage or rent, along with bills for things like utilities, fuel for one or more cars, insurance payments and more. Once everything is paid for, a surprising number of people just don’t have enough for food. This is why EBT card rules are important to know.

The EBT program is a federally funded food delivery system that allows needy individuals and families to purchase healthy and nutritious food to supplement what they’re already buying with cash. States give a small amount of money as well but for most EBT users, the majority of benefits are federally funded. EBT card rules are simple to understand but still some people insist on breaking them. The penalties for infringing on EBT rules and regulations can vary but they almost always include revocation of the card, which means the user pays plenty for their small scheme.

Because the main customers of the EBT program happen to be poor, they generally don’t have a lot of extra money for things they want or even need to get from one month to the next. Some people sell their food stamps/EBT benefits for cash, then use that money to buy things like toilet paper, soap and shampoo. Or drugs. Whatever the reason, selling EBT benefits is a serious infraction of EBT card rules which almost always results in being banned from the program for two years or even longer. They take this particular rule very seriously and don’t make exceptions for punishment.

EBT card rules also state that personal information must constantly be updated and kept current. Without a user’s mailing address, phone number or other contact information, even delivering the EBT card in the first place will be impossible. There will be a PIN number to set up and more information to read through in a booklet which should come along with the card. Anyone who is making less than the federally mandated poverty level annually is pretty much automatically eligible to receive some food benefits via EBT card.

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