Apply for food stamps online

If you want to apply for foods stamps online, it is relatively easy. However, this was not always the case, as food stamps have been through several changes in past decades. The first Food stamp program was created back in the late 30’s. The co-creators of this program were Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace and Milo Perkins. In four years the program helped over 20 million people and during the next few years the programs helped millions of others. The program ended in 1939, because the need for government assistance was no longer needed for the people. Between the 40’s and the 60’s the government continued talks of creating an food stamp permanent program, in case any citizens of the states fell on hard times.

Food Stamp Act of 1964

President Johnson and Congress passed legislation on the Food Stamp Act that was passed in 1964. The main purpose of this act was to create better opportunities for low income citizens to eat nutritious foods. There were certain limitations within the first Food Stamp Act that affected all that participated in the program. The primary limit was that all food purchased with food stamps had to be government approved brands of food. In other words luxury foods, luxury frozen foods and certain soft drinks were not available under food stamps.

Food Stamp Act of 1977

This food stamp act changed a few of the limitations that were brought on by its predecessor. It established a certain economic line that would not allow certain people to apply for food stamps. This act established 10 categories of excluded income levels. For students and aliens the Food Stamp Act limited their amount of eligible benefits. Though this act cut back from certain peoples benefits, it established an more even distribution of benefits through the country. It also made getting food stamps easier, by giving people the choice to call, or mail a request for them. After the Act of 1977, food stamp rules and regulations would undergo certain changes within the next 30 years. As of today qualifying for food stamps has become extremely easy and can be done online.

For those that want to apply for food stamps online there are a few things that you need to know. You will first need to fill out a request form online and email it to the main office. After this you will receive a call from the welfare office and will be scheduled an appointment to meet up with a caseworker. The caseworker will go into further details about the rules and regulations of food stamps. Finally, you will be emailed your EBT card within the next 30 days.

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